Summer-ready family Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez, baby Isabella enjoy dipping in the pool

What better way to celebrate baby Isabella’s 16th month than have a fun family bonding with daddy Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez.

Mariel shared photos of their enjoyable family time as they join their adorable baby in the pool who seemed to love swimming with her parents and relaxing on her huge watermelon floater.


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The grand and luxurious first birthday of Baby Isabella

Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla celebrate the first birthday of Baby Isabella


Mariel shared how she missed her daughter’s monthly celebration that they chose to spend in the pool just in time for summer.

She wrote: “Summer is here!!! Isabella had so much fun today. I miss her monthly birthdays hehe today my baby is 16months old… she loves the water”

Don’t grow up too fast, baby Isabella!

(Photo source: Instagram – @marieltpadilla)