INSTA PIC: Baby Isabella Padilla gets baptized

After having a grand party for her first birthday, the adorable Maria Isabella De Padilla is celebrating once again as she marked the day she was welcomed into the Christian world after getting baptized.

In a post shared by Mariel Rodriguez. She showed a picture of her carrying Isabella while she was being anointed by a priest to receive her baptism. On the caption, the Kapamilya host revealed that her daughter was baptized and at the same time received her Aqiqah on the same day.


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On the caption she wrote, “My Isabella was baptized yesterday. 😍 welcome to the Christian world my angel @mariaisabelladepadilla πŸ˜‡ pls remember that I am a Catholic. Robin is a Muslim and yesterday Isabella also had her Aqiqah. In Islam there is no compulsion.”

She added, “When Isabella is older she can decide what her religion will be. As parents it is our duty to teach our children how to respect ALL religions. It is also our responsibility to guide them but never to dictate to them. I know for sure that I will see to it that Isabella grows up knowing and believing that there is only one GOD!”

(Photo Source: Instagram – @kayegarcia13 / @marieltpadilla)