Netizen advice Angel Locsin to wait for the right guy; Angel reacts


Actress Angel Locsin and Neil Arce have been seeing each other often lately prompting netizens to say that a romantic relationship might be brewing between the two. Although they have yet to confirm nor deny their relationship, one netizen feels Neil is not the right guy for Angel.

On the comment section of Angel, a fan posted the following messages:


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– How are you sweet to @therealangwllocsin when your sweet posts of your ex is still all over your ig, so funny 😂 @neil_arce After all she’s been through, she deserves someone who can choose her as a whole. Not an option. Make up your friggin mind, man. Grow some balls.

– Love, you deserve someone who adores you the way @neil_arce adores his ex when they were together. His past sweet posts on her irks me, why couldnt he delete it? Still hoping they will be an item in the future?😒 You guys are not getting younger, stop with the M.U. thingy, you’re the one who will get hurt again at the end. Be wiser this time. I know you’re smart, don’t be committed to someone who is obviously still hung up on his ex😞 I love you, Queen. I want you to be really happy with someone who will choose ONLY YOU.

– Believe me, the right man is worth the wait. Don’t settle for someone just because you’re comfortable with him. You deserve way better than that.

– What’s so sweet of a man who doesn’t delete his sweet ig posts of his ex Bella Padilla?😒

– If you truly are happy and he loves u wholeheartedly then all is well. I just don’t want you getting hurt again. This will be my last say about that. Hope you have a good life and hope the love you give to everyone else will be returned tenfolds. God bless and good luck.

– Yes. My lips are sealed now. I have said my piece and that she should also understand that we only want her to be loved the way she gives love to everyone.

As much as Angel appreciates the concern of the said fan, Angel defended Neil and posted her reaction: