Who is MJ Cayabyab in Erich Gonzales’ life?

Fans and followers of actress Erich Gonzales were a bit surprised after photos of Erich with MJ Cayabyab surfaced online. Netizens are now asking who is MJ Cayabyab in Erich life? Some even went to the extent of asking if MJ is Erich’s new inspiration.

On his Instagram account, MJ calls Erich his ‘Ate’ and describe her as true and honest.


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“Si @erichgg lang okay nako. True and Honest. Now that I knew what happened to you mas lalo kitang na appreciate ate. Iba ka! Hahahaha happy happy lang. labyu hahahaahahah kahit naluha ako nun you made me realize hahahahaha na happy lang dapat”

(Photo source: Instagram – @mjcayabyab6)