Who do you want to be the next Chika Minute girl – Megan or Julie Ann?


Who will replace Pia Guanio as the Chika Minute girl of GMA 7 – 24 ORAS? This is one question that keeps everyone guessing. Pia Guanio decided to leave the entertainment segment after hosting it for 11 years to give more time to her husband and daughter.

Last June 1, 2015, Miss World 2013 Megan Young was tasked to host the segment. Last June 2, 2015, it was singer Julie Ann San Jose’s turn to show everyone if she is fit to be the next Chika Minute girl of 24-ORAS.


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Both are beautiful, articulate and delivered their lines clearly which makes the selection process more difficult.

If you were to decide – who do you want to be the next Chika Minute girl – Will it be Megan or will you go for Julie Ann?

(Photo source: GMA 7 24 ORAS Chika Minute segment screengrab)