WATCH: Mariel Rodriguez cries over lack of breast milk for baby Isabella


Actress and new mom Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla got emotional and cried over not having enough breast milk for a number of days. Mariel got worried because her daughter baby Isabella is getting hungry.

In a video upload by husband and actor Robin Padilla, Mariel can be heard saying “I don’t have enough milk. She’s so hungry and she gets no milk.”


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Mariel found an alternative – an organic formula milk to provide the needed nutrients for baby Isabella:

“I searched for this, it’s organic, but it’s still formula. I really didn’t want to give her formula. It [milk] will come but, for now, I have to feed my child, and if formula is the only way my child can eat then I will have to feed my child formula.”

Here is the video:

Meanwhile, Robin explained the importance of breast milk: