Model confirms Marlon Stockinger is the father of her twins

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach’s boyfriend, Marlon Stockinger, has twins. In an exclusive interview with posted on Friday, March 31, model Kit Barraquias finally answered the rumors involving Marlon Stockinger and her.

Yes, she and Marlon have twins.

“You just wanna know the truth, so I just wanna tell you the truth. I’m gonna be straightforward and, yes, he is the dad. We had twins. He’s the biological dad. I don’t wanna say he’s the dad… just the biological dad. And that’s it. We haven’t had any communication. He hasn’t seen the girls ever,” Kit said during the interview.


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She added that Stockinger tried to contact her once to meet the twins, but allegedly made an excuse at the last minute. She also denied rumors that Marlon’s mother gave her money to keep her silence.

The couple, who were together for one year when Marlon was 18 and Kit was 27, broke up when she was already four months pregnant. Since then, Barraquias and Stockinger haven’t talked with each other.