Mariel Padilla shares she is producing more breast milk for baby Isabella


Actress Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shared that she is now having enough breast milk to feed her baby Isabella. Mariel gave birth to baby Isabella last November 14, 2016 and was a bit emotional when she was not producing enough milk for her baby.

Mariel even have to resort to organic milk just to feed her baby.


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On his Instagram account, husband Robin Padilla provided an update that Mariel is now happy because she is producing enough breast milk for baby Isabella:

“i just fed her now. all boobs no formula!!!!!!!!!! she did not complain. she was satisfied and is now sleeping on my chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im really starting to have enough milk and i wont need the formula. i hope i hope i hope!!!!! pls pls babe continue to pray for milk – @marieltpadilla.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @robinhoodpadilla)