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Kris Aquino to Ricky Lo: “may connection ba ang IG pictures namin sa Birthday ni MJ?”

Actress and TV host Kris Aquino again posted a message directed at entertainment editor Ricky Lo in response to the editor’s latest article about Bimby not attending Michael James (MJ) first birthday party.

According to Ricky in his article, he was told by the event coordinator that Bimby will be attending and that James Yap (father of MJ) said that Bimby was invited to the party. After the article was published, Ricky revealed that Michela (girlfriend of James) sent him this text message to clarify the issue:


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“I told the (coordinator) to cross out Bimby’s name from the list because Kris and I have already agreed beforehand that the kids would be meeting in private, “I don’t want to create issues where everybody is OK already.”

Ricky then published a rejoiner explaining what really transpired. Kris then posted the following in reaction to Ricky’s latest article:

“@therealrickylo won’t man up & admit his Monday @philstarnews headline had no factual basis. Can you fault any mother or father, whether celebrity or non celeb for being proud of their children & wanting to share their love & pride w/ their circle- in our case it’s a much bigger circle?

Simpleng tanong, may connection ba ang IG pictures namin nila Kuya Josh & Bimb sa Birthday ni MJ? Or is this a case of trying to deflect an issue by pinning the blame at someone who tried her best to keep quiet for the sake of peace? Harm only comes our children’s way when there are exploitative, unverified headlines. And everybody who has bashed Kuya Josh or Bimb on IG has tasted the fire of my words in defending them- expressed w/ dignity & based on facts because i was raised to remain polite even when dealing w/ pambabastos…”


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