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“Kiko never cheated on me” says Sharon Cuneta

Commenting using her private account April Mondragon, Sharon Cuneta answered accusers’ allegations that Kiko Pangilinan cheated on her.

“He has never cheated on me. I have smarts, I have my ever-reliable intuition (I am VERY sensitive to these things), I have the means.”, the megastar stated on the thread a fan started.

“And there are private investigators as well as social media and all kinds of gadgets available now. No one has ever come forward with solid proof even after my offer of 10 million pesos to anyone who could give me proof. Later even raised my “reward” to 30M. Wala pa rin. Ph please. I’m too special for my husband to look elsewhere. Hahaha.”


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Sharon didn’t let the bashers get away with insulting her husband’s looks. She savagely responded to them saying, “That’s mean. I hope you all look like artistas!”.

(Photo source: Instagram – @reallysharoncuneta / Facebook – @celebritydesk / @krizette.chu)

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