Jake Vargas forbidden by Principal to attend own high school graduation

There is indeed a lot of perks of being a celebrity, but becoming famous can also limit an individual to do what he or she wants in certain situations.

Young actor Jake Vargas is about to graduate from high school on March 27, 2015.


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Sadly Jake won’t be able to walk while the graduation march plays because apparently the principal of his school, New Cabalen High School in Subic, asks the young actor not to attend his high school graduation.

The principal fears that Jake’s presence during the ceremony will cause a commotion, in some given circumstances like when Jake goes to the said school to get his modules because he is home schooled, students can’t help but get excited because of his presence.

But, Jake understands his principal’s request, according to him, having a picture wearing his graduation gown is enough.

Jake is planning to take up Culinary as a course in college since it is his dream to have his own restaurant.

(Photo source: Instagram- @imjhakevargas)