Gretchen and Marjorie fighting over Liza Soberano-Julia Barretto rivalry?

According to a report by entertainment columnist Ricky Lo, Marjorie Barretto does not like the idea of her sister, Gretchen Barretto supporting the series ‘Forevermore’.

Gretchen constantly post on her Instagram account that she watches and supports “Forevermore”. The said series is now one of the top-rating teleseryes on Television that stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. Enrique grew close to Gretchen because of their roles in 2012’s “Princess and I.”


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Watching the series, Gretchen also became fond of Liza that she often “like” Liza’s photos on Instagram.

But, supposedly Marjorie thinks that Liza is her daughter’s rival. Liza and Julia Barretto are batch mates on Star Magic Circle Batch 2013. Rumor is at the beginning, it looked that Julia will be the star of the batch; but slowly, Liza has emerged as the new favorite primarily because of her acting skills.

It was also observed that when Julia was paired with Enrique in “Mira Bella,” it did not reach the same success as “Forevermore.”

Meanwhile, being batch mates for Star Magic Circle, Julia and Liza became friends, also with Janella Salvador. Janella clarified that there is no competition going around them and they are really close friends because their personalities jives with each other.



(Photo Source: Gretchen Barretto’s Instagram)