Erich Gonzales to Vanessa Matsunaga: “Mas maraming mahirap ang napapagsamantalahan”


It seems the exchanges of messages between Erich Gonzales and Vanessa Matsunaga is starting to heat up. Vanessa commented on the breakup between her brother Daniel Matsunaga and Erich, saying money was never an issue between them.

“Well, we don’t need Erich’s money. Her family needs her support. I’m sure you understand that very well. Daniel has integrity (his moral compass does not waver/wholeness of character – you can google if you need a better definition of the word) and he has worked hard for everything he has ever since he was 16 years old even though he did not have to. He never took advantage of Erich because really there’s nothing to take advantage of. He took care of her the best way he could. My family and her family are witnesses to that. Both families are Christian families and you don’t need to teach me about the Bible because the word of the Lord is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path( Psalm 119 , a verse of the Bible not as used as the verse you mentioned, so maybe now that you’ve heard about it maybe you can try to use it next time) As for my family taking advantage of Erich, well, let’s just put it this way, we are in a better position, so much so that we choose to help others.” posted Vanessa.



Vanessa Matsunaga speaks up on Daniel-Erich breakup

Erich Gonzales confirms breakup with Daniel Matsunaga


In reply to Vanessa’s statement, Erich through ABS-CBN news reporter Marie Lozano issued the following statement:

“Gusto ko na po sana manahimik na lang at mag-move on na pero sila ‘yung comment nang comment sa social media. Social media is not the proper venue. I turned off the comment section of my Instagram account kasi pagpipiyestahan lang ng mga tao, lalong hahaba at hindi matatapos.”