Vanessa Matsunaga speaks up on Daniel-Erich breakup


Vanessa Matsunaga defended her brother Daniel Matsunaga from netizens who said that Daniel took advantage of former girlfriend Erich Gonzales, and believe that money is the cause of their breakup.

Speculations that money was the reason for the ‘DanRich’ split came about after Erich refused to talk about it when asked by reporters if money was the issue. Daniel denied the issue but some people refused to believe it.


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On her Instagram account, Vanessa on the comment section reiterated that the Matsunaga’s do not need Erich’s money and even said that “they are in a better position, so much so that we choose to help others.” Here are the posts of Vanessa to help shed light on the said issue:

“Hi @defiballclear2222 I’m sure you are a good person and your intention was never to hate. You were probably fed hate and this is just a reaction. That’s why I decided to reply to your comment even tho Daniel has asked our family to keep silent. Well, we don’t need Erich’s money. Her family needs her support. I’m sure you understand that very well. Daniel has integrity (his moral compass does not waver/wholeness of character – you can google if you need a better definition of the word) and he has worked hard for everything he has ever since he was 16 years old even though he did not have to. He never took advantage of Erich because really there’s nothing to take advantage of. He took care of her the best way he could. My family and her family are witnesses to that. Both families are Christian families and you don’t need to teach me about the Bible because the word of the Lord is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path( Psalm 119 , a verse of the Bible not as used as the verse you mentioned, so maybe now that you’ve heard about it maybe you can try to use it next time) As for my family taking advantage of Erich, well, let’s just put it this way, we are in a better position, so much so that we choose to help others. I hope that answers your question and helps you judge things better ( although I strongly advise you not to do so because you are going to be judged the same way you judge others – Matthew 7:2). I just like to remind you, you don’t know these people, I do. Like they don’t know you, therefore the question is how would you feel if someone who doesn’t know you judge any matter of your life? Food for thought đź’­”