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Claudine and Raymart attend Sabina’s school event

It was a sight to see Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago together attending a school event for their daughter Sabina Natasha. On her Instagram account, Claudine shared some photos showing Sabina’s school event.

Claudine included the following caption:

“@superswagsab13 to my amazing Daughter Sabina.this morning was a very emotional one,it was Grade 8’s prepare u for upper school grade 9.seeing u & your sharing your dreams that u read for your Dad & i made the 3 of us Cry.more so your Dad cried the most @raymartsantiago upon learning that at 13 you might want to study out of the country in a few years gave me panic attacks.


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at 13 my mama day & pikey wouldnt even allow me to go anywhere without a yaya or both of them.what happened you were just in toddler school like it was just yesterday,now you will b wearing a TOGA come april! How i wish i can hold on to you a little bit more before you wont need us that much.Sab thank u for being an amazing daughter,a straight A student,a loving daughter,sister etc. What ever u want to be,whatever your plans are,know that we are all behind u.we cannot give u the world but know that we will damm i always tell u Anak,we cannot promise that we can fix all your problems but know that u will never have to face them alone.Dream big Sab,we are all behind u. @estrellabarretto @miguelbarretto i luv u more than my Life.! ”

(Photo source: Instagram – @claubarretto)

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