Bianca Umali draws mixed reactions after advising women not to wear makeup

Kapuso young actress Bianca Umali encouraged women to be proud of their natural-self and expressed her disappointment to women who didn’t feel confident with themselves without makeup. Her post has garnered almost 80k reactions – mostly likes- as of writing but some women weren’t happy with her message.

In a Facebook post, the young star shared an “unfiltered” photo of her and wrote the lengthy message, advising women to only wear makeup occasionally and be confident of what God gave them.


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“I noticed how make up seem so important nowadays. I honestly expect make up to be used occasionally. Not every single day. I have observed how a lot of females cannot leave their homes without putting anything on their faces. Well, yes, we all know what make up can do. And yes, make up is AMAZING. But what I’m sad about is that most of the girls I have observed are more confident about themselves WITH make up on than having LESS or NONE. Here’s the thing we should ALWAYS remember. Papa 👆🏻 made each of us unique. Not only on the outside but also on the inside. So why not flaunt that beautiful face of yours without covering anything and leaving it how it really is?”