Xian Lim to followers: “Goodbye For Now”


Fans and followers of actor Xian Lim were surprised and puzzled as to the latest Instagram post of actor Xian Lim. Xian posted a photo message that says “Goodbye For Now.” Fans are asking – What does it mean? Why is the actor saying goodbye?

Some are saying that Xian could be taking a vacation. Some said Xian might be taking some time off from social media. There are those who are guessing that Xian could be saying goodbye to showbiz. And some are saying that Xian is saying goodnye to Kim Chiu who is now paired with former boyfriend Gerald Anderson in a teleserye.


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Xian also disabled the comment section of his ‘goodbye’ post that added to much talked about post of the actor.

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(Photo source: Instagram – @xianlimm)