WATCH: Renan Morales breaks his silence over “super-use-me-in-a-sentence” statement by Kris Aquino


Nueva Ecija Councilor Renan Ponce Morales released a video message to answer point by point the alleged statement made by Kris Aquino during her interview with Ms. Jo-ann Maglipon regarding her working relationship with the producers of “Trip Ni Kris.”

The article reported that Kris said she was “super-use-me-in-a-sentence” by Renan because he has plans of running as Governor of Neuva Ecija, that her payment was delayed and others. The alleged statements made by Kris made the rounds online and there were people who sided with Kris and there were people who sided with the Morales family.


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The video message posted on Facebook (@Bespren Foundation), Renan clearly stated that he and his family refused to believe that Kris has the capability of releasing such statements. Renan added that his family and Kris had a wonderful working experience and his mom gsve her full confidence and support to Kris.

Renan also showed receipts issued by the camp of Kris to show that they paid on time, refuting the statement allegedly made by Kris that her payment was delayed. Renan also appealed to everyone specially to media for fair reporting so that the truth will prevail.

Despite the said incident, Renan said his family still has high respect for Kris and they already accepted her apologies.

Here is the full video: