WATCH: Raffy Tulfo scolds ‘ungrateful’ owner of an iPhone returned to him by taxi driver


Radio host Raffy Tulfo scolded an ungrateful owner of an iPhone after a taxi driver returned his lost iPhone. During his program Raffy Tulfo in Action, a certain Luigi Lim who is nurse lost his iPhone SE and a taxi driver by the name of Roberto Elliot returned it through Raffy’s program.

But instead of thanking Elliot, Luigi Lim expressed his disappointment as to why the phone was returned only after a few days later. According to Lim, because of the delay, he lost a lot of opportunities in business.

His statement does not sit well with Raffy and the radio host scolded Lim for his being ungrateful.

Here is the video:

(Photo source: Facebook – @Raffy Tulfo in Action)