WATCH: Pia Wurtzbach’s niece Lara steals her aunt’s show in this cute video


Pia Wurtzbach’s niece, Lara Wurtzbach Manze, just can’t wait to be queen. In a video posted by the former Miss Universe on her Instagram, the beauty queen was doing poses while one-year-old cutie Lara could be heard squealing in the background.

Apparently not able to do poses in peace anymore, Pia gives in to her niece and shows the little one on the video instead. Pia relays what happened through the video’s caption:


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“Trying to take a video of my look & then Lara steals the show. Who’s the real Next Top Model? 😋😘😂 She’s ready! @larawurtzbachmanze @asntm #Asntm#Asntm5”