WATCH: Kisses Delavin pranks Maymay Entrata

“Loving in Tandem” star Kisses Delavin successfully fooled her co-star Maymay Entrata when she pulled a prank on her.

In a prank arranged by the staff of “Gandang Gabi Vice”, Kisses acted as the accomplice as they tried to fool Maymay into thinking that her movie co-star truly had a sudden asthma attack while inside a dressing room.


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In the video, while the two were being briefed about their TV guesting, Kisses suddenly had an asthma attack making Maymay worried about her friend.

The staff then went outside the get some help, leaving the two alone with Maymay comforting her friend by doing all the silly requests her co-star asked her to do such as giving her a massage and whistling to give her air. However, Kisses later revealed that it was all a prank.