WATCH: Julia Barretto prank calls Joshua Garcia

“Love You to the Stars and Back” actress Julia Barretto tried to prank call her on-screen partner Joshua Garcia.

During a recent guesting on DJ Chacha’s radio show “Heartbeats.” Julia was asked by the show’s host to prank call someone, she then chose her movie co-star as the victim. During the show, the actress called Joshua telling him that she is hungry and wanted to eat “lechon” or “Peking duck”.


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Despite being busy, Joshua was attentive as he listened to Julia’s call. He even joked saying “May lechon dito, gusto mo ba? Baka ako lang ‘yong gusto mo.” DJ Chacha even joined in the teasing, and pretended to be the lesbian friend of Julia.

Watch the full video here:

(Photo Source: Twitter – @BarrettoJulia/ Facebook – @mor1019heartbeats)