WATCH: How do Americans respond to AlDub?


News and lifestyle website BuzzFeed uploaded a video of Americans reacting to AlDub, Pabebe and Eat Bulaga. The video has already gained over 36,000 views on YouTube.

The people shown on the video obviously had no idea what AlDub is as they draw up their own conclusion what they think the love team is all about.

One lady define AlDub as a gasoline or an electric company. One noticed the “boing” sound effect within the show that sounds like a lot of fun.


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Another lady finds Alden hot. Pabebe as acting cute. The Pabebe wave compared to the Queen of England. Eat Bulaga as eating well.

Towards the end of the video, the people on the video got the hang of it – what AlDub is all about and one guy commented the following: