Vice Ganda’s reaction after Piolo Pascual kisses a fan on the lips

It was a hilarious birthday celebration on Gandang Gabi Vice with Piolo Pascual as guest (March 26, 2017). First, Piolo acted as Vice Ganda’s driver for more than 30 minutes and then on stage Piolo gamely kissed a fan on a ‘Can You Top That’ challenge coming from Vice.

Vice called studio audience and asked them where they want to be kissed by Piolo. One said forehead, then cheeks, then ‘bilbil’ and the last one said on the lips. Piolo chose the audience who answered lips.


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Vice told the lady who won to shout ‘I Love You Piolo’ first and Piolo gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. Studio audience went wild after the kiss, including Vice who said it was his birthday and he also deserved a kiss from Piolo.

Here is the video: