Vice Ganda relates farts to song titles

On Sunday’s episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice” (June 7, 2015), Unkabogablestar Vice Ganda was in a good mood to crack some jokes with his three guests – Bradley Holmes, Daryl Ong and Jason Dy. The topic is about farts.

According to Vice, there are 5 kinds of farts:

1.) The Silent Fart.
The fart that produces no sound yet many have smelled it’s Boom! Vice Ganda compared it to the song “Boom Shakalak”

2.) The Uncontrollable Fart.
Because of trying too hard to control it, what produces is a long silent “shhhwwwiiiittt”… Similar to the song – Sound of Silence.

3.) The fart with a bonus.
The fart that was carelessly released with an unexpected bonus. Comparable to “The Careless Whisper”

4.) The Special fart.
The fart that was smelled by the person you’re together with. Seems like this (fart) is “Especially For You”, or Handog” or “Ang Lahat ng Ito’y Para Sa ‘Yo”

5.) The Revealing Fart. And because that person smelled it, therefore he knew it is was you. The song is “Ikaw Lamang”

(Photo source: ABS-CBN News Gandang Gabi Vice Youtube screengrab)