‘Two Wives’ trends worldwide

ABS-CBN’s remake of the Korean series ‘Two Wives’ trended on Twitter last November 4, 2014 as one of its cast, actress Kaye Abad pleased televiewers with her exceptional acting skills.

In the November 4 episode of ‘Two Wives,’ Yvonne [Kaye Abad] asked her husband, Victor [Jason Abalos], not to leave her and their son for Janine [Erich Gonzales], his mistress.

Yvonne even begged for forgiveness from her husband for the hurtful things she said when she found out about his infidelity but Victor just left and sped off in his car. Yvonne ran after him, only to end up on her knees, crying.

The scene captured a lot of attention, some feeling sorry for Yvonne and others expressing their anger at Victor.

“#TwoWivesPH” ranked among the top local trends on Twitter but then climb up as a worldwide trending topic on the micro-blogging site.




(Photo Source: Screen Grab ‘Two Wives’)