Tricia Centenera bumps into ex-husband Gab Valenciano the night before their supposed 3rd anniversary and it was beautiful

After their controversial break-up, model Tricia Centenera bumped at his ex-husband Gab Valenciano in a party the night before their supposed 3rd year anniversary and shared how it was all filled with positivity.

Tricia shared a photo of her and Gab on Instagram with the caption: “I’m exactly where I’m meant to be” and shared on her blog how she and his husband whom she described as “a good man who has just made some bad choices” had a friendly embrace.


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Tricia wrote: “I actually saw my ex-husband last night – we didn’t even realise it was the eve of our, what would have been anniversary. We had a friendly embrace & were surrounded by family, it was nice.”

She also shared how her healing journey led her to finally feeling empowered and thanked the people who have stayed with her throughout.

“Guys I’m sharing this story because I know a few of you have followed my journey through all of this & even taken the time to reach out to me. You are the ones I’m writing to today to say thanks for all the love, I appreciate you all. And to those asking me how I feel today I want to tell you this… I FEEL EMPOWERED.”