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Tito Sotto reveals what he likes most about wife Helen Gamboa

In a recent guesting on the program ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’, Ryzza Mae nonchalantly asked long time couple Senator Tito Sotto and veteran actress Helen Gamboa on the things or traits that initially caught their eyes from the start of their courtship.

Miss Helen Gamboa gamely answered, and said that she loved Tito’s kindness the most, and that she loves the Senator very much. Tito Sotto then added that before he chanced upon Helen’s excellent cooking, he finds Gamboa’s legs very beautiful, a trait that she inherited from her mother. Tito Sotto even joked that after 45 years of marriage, he still holds Helen’s hands at night to keep her from running away.


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Ryzza then compared her knees to Helen’s, and wondered if she will ever get the chance to have that fine, flawless knees as, according to the child wonder, her knees is full of marks. Helen told Ryzza not to worry and assured the youngest TV host in the world that she will grow beautifully.

(Photo Source: Powerhouse/ screen-grab from The Ryzza Mae Show)

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