Sharon Cuneta slams basher who labelled her as “Pabebe”

“Mega Star” Sharon Cuneta received some hate online from a basher who negatively laballed her as “pabebe 2017” in the comments section of her post on Instagram.

In a post from the singer’s Instagram a certain netizen criticized Sharon on how she reacted after receiving a late invite for the Star Magic Ball. The basher commented, “Sharon tanda tanda mo na pabebe 2017 ka pa rin..hayy, tawag dyan regression..naawa sayo kase di ka invited sa ball”.


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Sharon then responded saying, “@daphnebel sorry? I don’t speak bitterness or kabastusan. Please translate. Hahahahahaha!”

Another netizen then defended Sharon, saying that it was just a fake account who just wants to bash. The singer then responded saying to not mind them, saying “hahahahahaha yaan na natin. Wawa naman no buhay worth living kaya kailangan manira or manakit. Kung nakakaaffect sana sya.”

(Photo Source: Instagram – @reallysharoncuneta / Facebook – @SharonCunetaOfficial)