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Sharon Cuneta explains why she was not present at KC Concepcion’s jewelry launch

Megastar Sharon Cuneta took to her Instagram account to explained the reason she was not able to attend her daughter KC Concepcion’s jewelry line launching event.

She wrote, “It would’ve been awkward had I been at KC’s avec moi jewelry launch had both her papa and dad-then I-been there. Turns out her Pa wasn’t able to make it. Still, glad I didn’t go to unintentionally steal any of KC’s thunder or happiness. And KC knew I wasn’t going to be able to attend before dinner with the President was confirmed. Just FYI. Congrats again, KC. @itskcconcepcion”


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Fans and followers of Sharon gave different opinions about the matter, while some say that Sharon owes no one an explanation because KC understands her, other netizens told the megastar that she should put awkwardness aside and should have supported KC.

What do you think?

(Photo source: Instagram – @reallysharoncuneta)

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