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Sharon Cuneta defends Kris Aquino over ‘eating in bed’ photo

MegaStar Sharon Cuneta came to the rescue of Kris Aquino over the later’s photo showing her and Bimby eating in bed. The issue came about after one netizen commented that eating in bed is not appropriate.

Kris replied by offering ‘halo-halo’ to the said netizen.


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“Courage not weakness runs in my blood” – Kris Aquino


For her part, Sharon has this to say about the issue:

“Nothing wrong with eating on one’s bed. That’s what bed trays and breakfasts-in-bed were made for. Most everyone I know does it. I know I do. Cos we eat like the decent people we are and keep our beds clean while eating on them. We’ve worked hard and deserve to do what we please especially in our own homes! There are way more important things to do in these times like pray because there is too much evil around us now. Cheer up! It’s those who love you whose opinions matter the most. ❤️😊 God bless you and the boys always.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @krisaquino)

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