Sharon Cuneta and Marian Rivera receive wedding invites from Ai-Ai delas Alas

Beautiful actresses Marian Rivera and Sharon Cuneta were glad when they finally got the wedding invitation from “Sunday PinaSaya” host, Ai-Ai delas Alas.

With Ai-Ai and Gerald Sibayan’s wedding nearing, the “Mega Star” and “Super Ma’am” star have both received their invites for the upcoming event. The two stars both showed the contents of the letters to their on Instagram. With Marian being asked by her co-host’s to be her secondary sponsor, while Sharon as her matron of honor.


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On Sharon’s post she wrote, “One of the most special and meaningful Matron of Honor invites and gown material packages I have ever received. Because it is from one of my truest and dearest friends, AiAi De Las Alas. I love her so much.”