Sarah G watches Matteo Guidicelli 1st solo concert – ‘MG1’

Actor Matteo Guidicelli had his first solo concert ‘MG1’ on Saturday night, November 28, 2015 at the Music Museum. Joining Matteo on stage are Martin Nievera and Morissette Amon.

But why is Sarah Geronimo, Matteo’s girlfriend not part of the concert?

Matteo has been very vocal about his stand that he wants their respective careers to be separate. Matteo doesn’t want people to think that he is using Sarah’s popularity to boost his career or simply just following her.


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While it is true that Sarah did not join Matteo on stage, it does not mean that she didn’t watch the concert. Sarah showed up and watch Matteo’s concert to show her support to her boyfriend.

On his Instagram account, Matteo posted some videos of his performance during the concert: