Robin Padilla writes a touching birthday message for Mariel Rodriguez

Action star Robin Padilla showed to fans his soft side when he wrote an emotional message for his dear wife, Mariel Rodriguez.

The TV host had her birthday celebration on Thursday (August 10, 2017), and in commemoration of the joyous event Padilla wrote an emotional and touching birthday greeting dedicated to Mariel. He shared to fans the struggles she is currently facing as a new mom and wife, showing them how tough Mariel truly is.


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He wrote:

“Shes in a very deep depression but she has no time to dwell on it… all her time is devoted to maria isabella when shes not pumping for breastmilk shes preparing soft food for her, she sleeps only when isabella is asleep and when isabella is awake they read books and play together for hours…. when shes relaxing she prepares my food and my bed … she has no time for herself … she totally forgot who she is…… or My mariel is reborn… not our fashion guru but a struggling mother who will give everything for her child …. happy happy 1st birthday my MAMAriel!!!”

(Photo Source: Instagram – @marieltpadilla / @robinhoodpadilla)