Piolo Pascual thanks Claudine Barretto for defending him against bashers


Actor Piolo Pascual extended his gratitude to longtime friend Claudine Barretto for coming to his rescue and defending him against his malicious social media detractors who made negative comments on his otherwise sweet photo with his son Iñigo.

After the photo of Piolo and Iñigo made rounds on social media, Claudine addressed the bashers through her Instagram post. Claudine wrote: “You guys are hitting not only a good but GREAT MAN! Wala hong ginagawa sa kanila yung tao. Rumespeto naman tayo sa inambag ng isang Piolo Pascual sa industria. Dahil kapag nabigyan kayo ng pagkakataon makilala si Piolo, sinisiguro ko lahat ng mga nam-babash sa kanya mapapahiya po kayo. At pls lang wag tayo mandamay ng mga Anak.”


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In an interview with ABS-CBN last Sunday, Piolo said that he thanked Claudine for taking his side in the issue.