Pia Wurtzbach handles ‘rude’ caller with class

Miss Pia Wurtzbach received a call from a program listener during her radio guesting at American DJ Sway’s show “Sway In The Morning.” Pia was asked to sing a song and she chose to sing Britney Spear’s “Baby One More Time”.

After singing the song, the program got a phone call from a male listener who introduced himself as “Titi Baluga”.

The caller asked Pia “How do you feel of black guys? Do you like black guys?” Pia answered “Yeah why not”

Sway told the caller that Pia is single, and asked the man on the line to say something that would make Pia be interested to him. The caller says, “They call me Titi Baluga, she’s Filipino, she knows.”

Sway then asked what “baluga” means?

Pia answered “baluga is whale in English”. Pia again showed her poise and intelligence in the said interview. There is actually a whale called “beluga whale” or white whale (Delphinapterus leucas) which is an Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean.

Here is the video:

(Photo source: Youtube screengrab – Pinoy Parazzo)