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Pauleen Luna assures Vic’s children that she loves their father

The age gap issue between Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto won’t go away despite the number of times Pauleen and Vic answered that question. Recently, the true intentions of Pauleen staying with Vic is the center of the discussion.

There were allegations that the reason why Pauleen is staying with Vic is because of money, to the point that she is accused of being a ‘gold digger’.

Pauleen clarified this as well that money is not the reason why a person can love another person. Asked what are the reasons why she is in love with Vic, Pauleen simply said “a lot of reasons, too many to mention”. Simply put, her true intention is she loves Vic.


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Another issue surfacing recently involves the children of Vic with Dina Bonnevie – Danica and Oyo Boy.

Danica Sotto did expressed her concern about the big age gap between Pauleen and her dad. Pauleen said she understands where Danica is coming from and she cannot blame Danica and her siblings to feel that way. Although both Danica and Pauleen made it clear that there is no issue between them.

Pauleen simply assures Danica and her siblings that she loves their father and in time, she will be able to show them her true and real intentions.

(Photo source: Instagram – @pauleenluna)

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