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No need for a pre-nup agreement with Paul said Toni Gonzaga

During the March 29, 2015 episode of ‘The Buzz’ actress Toni Gonzaga shared that a week ago, someone asked her if she will have a pre-nuptial agreement with her fiancé Dircetor Paul Soriano.

The actress said that having a pre-nuptial agreement will not be necessary for them.

“Once you get into a relationship, you will try your very best to make it work” Toni said.

She added that, in her own opinion, having a pre-nuptial agreement is like setting your mind that sooner or later you and your partner will eventually end up not being together.


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“I’d rather put my faith in God and the person I’m marrying and of course pray that it will work forever,” uttered Toni.

In an earlier interview with “The Buzz,” Paul admitted that Toni earns more than he does. But he shared that he has enough savings to provide Toni the life she deserves.

“I told her from day one that money has never been an issue. It’s obvious she makes 10 times more than me but that’s never been an issue. It will not be an issue in our marriage. The fact that I asked her, it means I can provide for her for the rest of her life,” Paul said.

(Photo Source: Instgaram- @celestinegonzaga)

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