Nikki Valdez is every anxious mom who lets her 9-year-old daughter go out alone for the first time

Every mother and every child could relate to celebrity mom Nikki Valdez who shared her experience after letting her 9-year-old daughter go on a party without a chaperone.

Nikki posted an Instagram photo of her daughter Olivia and shared her anxious mommy moments before letting her daughter go out alone.


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She wrote: “My 9- year old was dropped off today at her first official party without a chaperone!!! Was I ready for this? NO. Is it a bit too early? MAYBE. BUT… BUT… BUT… I wanted her to experience having fun and being responsible at the same time; knowing what and what not to do without the echo of my voice following her around.”

The ‘La Luna Sangre’ star also mentioned how she gave countless reminders to her daughter and panicked a bit over her baby girl who looked already grown up in her dress.