Netizens react to Mariel Padilla’s photo showing her Yaya Analyn wearing a mask


Actress and TV host Mariel Padilla posted a photo showing her Yaya Analyn assembling a new crib inside the room of baby Isabella. What caught the attention of netizens is Yaya Analyn was wearing a mask.

Netizens were divided in their views with regards to Yaya Analyn wearing a mask.

Here is the post of Mariel:

“mom, i’m making bantay yaya Analyn while she is assembling my new @apricaph crib! i’m going to test it because i heard my little prince nephew will have same. thanks tita @jennasypr 😘 – Isabella”

The post resulted to having mixed reactions about having Yaya Analyn wearing a mask. Some speculated that Yaya Analyn might be sick while some said wearing a mask is discriminating.

Here are just some of the comments: