Netizens are devastated over ‘Miss Q and A’ finalist Lars Pacheco and boyfriend’s break up

‘Miss Q and A’ grand finalist Lars Pacheco shocked netizens after she announced her break up with boyfriend Gino Hinolan through an Instagram post.

Lars who gained popularity after joining the “It’s Showtime” segment shared how she and Gino have decided to part ways “in order for us to grow”.


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She wrote: “There are things that we have to let go in order for us to grow. We have to let go someone. We have to move on. There are things that are just not meant to be. But, it doesnt mean its not a lovestory. If only I could tell them ours, they would get jealous im sure.”

“If only I could tell them how caring u are, how u always think of my comfort first before yours. How u always remind me that im beautiful everytime. I’ll miss mornings with you. I’ll miss how you dry my hair before we go. I’ll miss you and its okay. I’ll miss annoying u before we sleep. Will miss us under one blanket while u fart lol. Will miss you and will remember you everywhere. You are so good to me. And I don’t deserve it. I wish u genuine happiness my ron. Thankyou for everything my love ❤️”