Netizens advice Jenine Desiderio to keep issue with daughter Janella Salvador private

Jenine Desiderio, the mother of Kapamilya actress, Janella Salvador ranted on Twitter recently about her daughter, and netizens have expressed their concern.

Theater actress Jenine Desiderio recently had a very open Twitter rant on Thursday (July 19, 2017), wherein she exposed that she and daughter, Janella Salvador are currently not in good terms. She wrote tweets regarding Janella being a disobedient daughter who doesn’t follow her command.


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Netizens who saw the tweets have expressed their concern for Janella Salvador, as it may damage her reputation and image as an actress.

Concerned netizens then adviced Jenine Desiderio to stop her rant, as it may damage her daughter’s career.

However, Jenine Desiderio was not happy with the comments and answered back against the accusations pointed out by netizens.