Nadine Lustre not bothered with rumors linking James to other girls

In an interview with the entertainment site Push, young actress Nadine Lustre said that she is not all bothered or upset about all the rumors romantically linking her on-screen partner, James Reid, to other girls. Reports stated that James is always spotted accompanying other girls and sometimes the public concludes that it is a date.

According to Nadine, James is really just a friendly individual and he loves hanging out with his friends.


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“I know that it is nothing. James is really a friendly person and he likes socializing, going out, he likes meeting new people. It’s normal I guess,” Nadine uttered.

Unlike her on-screen partner, Nadine considers herself as a homebody and with her busy schedule, she sometimes lacks the time to go out and socialize.

And when it comes to her love life, Nadine says she chose to concentrate on her career first, with her hectic schedule, she would rather pamper herself with her free time.

“I am always at home or I have barely time for myself so whenever I get the chance, I go to the gym, spa, will have a manicure and pedicure. I have no time to socialize,” Nadine said.

(Photo Source: Instagram- @nadzlustre)