‘Mulawin vs Ravena’ to start airing this May 22

Twelve years have passed since the breakthrough series Mulawin first aired on Philippine television back in the years 2004-2005. Mulawin was the series that introduced to stardom both Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez, which back then was a well-known and loved tandem. Mulawin is a story that follows the love story between Aguiluz and Alwina, who both saved the human and Mulawin race against the Ravenas.

Now, once again we will be able to watch the series that was once loved by televiewers in the sequel “Mulawin VS. Ravena”. The sequel will follow the fight between the two tribes the Mulawin tribe and the Ravena tribe. In this sequel the main protagonist is now Gabriel the brother of Aguiluz and the childhood friend of Alwina. Now Gabriel embraces his fate as Ravena, and now King of Halconia.


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Here’s your first look at the all-new Mulawin vs Ravena cast!


Dennis Trillo will return and reprise his role as Gabriel in the new series. The sequel will have a star-studded casts with new characters as well, like Lovi Poe who will act as Magindara, Carla Abellana as Aviona, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid as Sandawa, and Heart Evangelista-Escudero will play the role of Alwina the saviour of humans and Mulawins. She will play the role originally played by Angel Locsin. Other casts involved are Tom Rodriguez who will play as Rodrigo and Ariel Rivera as Panabon.

There will also be a new set of young stars who are part of the series Bea Binene as Anya, Derrick Monasterio as Almiro, Kiko Estrada as Rafael, Bianca Umali as Lawiswis, and Miguel Tanfelix will portray Pagaspas.