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Megastar Sharon Cuneta wants to lose more weight but says no to liposuction

Netizens, Kapamilya die-hards and loyal fans of Sharon Cuneta awaited the Megastar’s return after taking a year off and shedding some weight.

Well, we are not disappointed. The Megastar reportedly lost 40 pounds before she landed that judges seat on ABS-CBN’s reality show Your Face Sounds Familiar, and currently looks toned. According to the actress-singer-host, she plans to lessen her weight by 15 pounds more, and meet her standard body figure.


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But if asked, Sharon said she will never resort to liposuction again. The Megastar admitted that she underwent the sucking surgery before, but it was not successful in keeping her desired shape. The amount of weight that she discarded and plans to drop, according to Sharon, is not something even liposuction can magically get rid of. “Ask anybody who has had lipo…it doesn’t work that way.” Sharon added in an interview.

It is very noticeable that the Megastar bloomed and looked happier now, and with her discipline in keeping her figure, we might hear a Sharon-Gabby reunion in the works soon.

(Photo Source: Instagram – @ilovethemegastar)

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