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Mayweather admits he knew Pacquiao’s every move in training camp

Undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. delivered again another blow to the Pacquiao camp by admitting that he had inside information about Pacquiao training regimen even before their fight.

In a video on, Mayweather said he knew Pacquiao’s every move during his training:

“Everything Manny Pacquiao did in his camp every day, I knew,” Mayweather said via Fighthype. “I knew when he boxed, I knew when he didn’t box. I knew how many rounds he boxed. I knew how he was looking. I knew when his legs were cramping. I knew everything,” Mayweather said.

“Anybody I face, I have to know everything about them. I always have to be steps ahead of you” added Mayweather.

With regards to Manny’s shoulder injury, Mayweather has this to say:

“What a coincidence… just before we go to the ring or just after the fight, that’s when your arm is hurting? Why didn’t you say that a couple days before?” said Mayweather.

After this interview, people are now asking – Who is Mayweather’s informant within the Pacquiao team?

(Photo source: Youtube Screen Grab)

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