Martin Nievera and son Santino celebrate Christmas

Singer Martin Nievera is a little bit sad this holiday because he’s not with all of his three son abroad to celebrate the most amazing holiday of the year, Christmas.

In an Instagram post, the veteran singer shared a photo of him and his son Santino with the caption “Nothing else matters.”


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“Moments like these are priceless. Not even some stupid people who mis read my “right Christmas” post the other day. All I meant was to make Christmas here I can’t be there. Meaning I always have to have an early Christmas with family on one end of the world and then a later Christmas with family on the other side of the ocean. Sometimes I am blessed with a Christmas where I have all 3 sons in one place. That should have been this year too, but plans change again and again and all we can do is adjust. You “can’t stop Christmas” some people only see what they want to see. The fact that I have to explain is annoying. Priceless”