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Lucky shopper Bettinna Carlos wins a whopping Php100,000 worth of gift pass without joining any promo

Bettinna Carlos was just casually doing last-minute shopping for her daughter’s birthday the next day when the cashier told her that she just won Php100,000 worth of gift pass.

The lucky celebrity mommy was “BEYOND SURPRISED” and was even in “DISBELIEF” as she won such huge amount without joining any promo.


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BEFORE YOU SWIPE TO SEE WHO WON THE 10K SM GIFT PASS, allow me to say a few things: 1. I did not expect that this much people will send their stories of needs and wants. It is overwhelming. I slept last night wondering how I can choose from 12k plus. How to even read them all. 2. I am thankful for everyone who opened up. It made me much more grateful to God for every peso or equivalent I receive. I am thankful to God for His provision, answered prayers and even surprises like this. 3. While driving home from bringing @gummybites7 to school I prayed and asked God how to choose as it seemed impossible because the number keeps growing. 4. For the few hundreds Ive read I saw some great needs and simple wants and I realized all the more harder it is to choose because most are tear jerking heart melting while others are mundane and totally fine ofcourse. And so I remember HOW I RECEIVED the GCS. It was GRACE. I didnt do anything to win. And so with the same heart of grace that I selected a winner. Randomly. Because I felt in no position to "judge" who deserves it better. 5. I know there are no accidents in this life and I know which comment my eyes land on is the one God wants to bless THROUGH ME. So I loaded the comments 7 times and counted the 7th comment and I arrive at a request of @ilovenadie for a dining table for her family. 6. Congratulations @ilovenadie I know God wants to bless you thru my small initiative. Pls send me an email at so I can give instructions on how to claim your GCs. God bless you. 7. To everyone do know that God is faithful. He provides. God hears your prayers and He answers. Just keep seeking, asking, knocking.❤ OUR GOOD GOOD FATHER BLESS EVERYONE.❤

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