Liza Soberano admits she loves Enrique Gil


Are Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil a couple or not? That is the question in everybody’s mind for quite some time. The rumored couple has been very sweet with each other as shown in their interviews and social media but has yet to confirm if they are in a relationship. But during an interview with Boy Abunda, Soberano gave fans and followers more reason to believe that they are a couple in real life.

During the Fast Talk portion of “Tonight With Boy Abunda,” Abunda tried to get the name of persons that matters to Liza.

“Complete the statement, I am Liza Soberano and I love?” asked Boy.


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“I love my family,” she said.

“‘I love my family’ and?” Abunda pressed.

“Quen,” Soberano laughed.

Here is the video: