Lea Salonga gets angry at fans who made her daughter cry


Actress and broadway star Lea Salonga expressed her anger at fans who made her 10-year-old daughter Nicole Beverly cry. It is not clear where and how the incident happened, but based on Lea’s tweet, her daughter came to her scared and crying after being approaced by some fans

On her Twitter account, Lea tweeted the following:


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– “Let me get this off my chest. There were some fans who yesterday approached my daughter. Afterwards she ran back to me in tears, scared.”

– “For the most part I try to be accommodating. But when you mess with my kid and make her cry, you’ve messed with me.”

– “And you do not want to see me angry.”

– “If she develops a hatred for fans, I honestly cannot blame her. On behalf of all artists, please respect our personal space and boundaries.”

– “I may have to start refusing photo requests from fans now. Thanks a lot, you guys. I hope you’re proud of what you’ve done. #MadMama”

(Photo source: Instagram – @msleasalonga / Twitter – @MsLeaSalonga)